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New Zealand Report in Olive Oil Quality Confuses Some Consumers

We happened to be in New Zealand when the Fair Go Television programme tackled the issue of olive oil quality in New Zealand supermarkets. The approach of the TV show followed the protocols of blind tasting and not unexpectedly the results favoured locally produced extra virgin olive oils.

Our interest in the olive industry prompted numerous consumers to contact us the following day to share their impressions. It was also interesting to read the online reaction to the show and subsequent newspaper articles. The verbal comments, in summary, suggested confusion. Some of the local oils mentioned in the programme were not available locally and the local oils that were deemed to expensive – so with the imported oils being discredited, the consumer opted for other oils – avocado or rice bran. The online comments echoed this with many respondents decrying the high cost of local oils.

Perhaps the NZ industry needs to mount a marketing campaign to justify the cost of the local oils – rather than damaging the overall brand of olive oil by attacking imports. The biggest threat to the NZ industry is not European olive oils – it is Australian olive oils and vegetable oils in general.

To watch the programme and read a subsequent article go to:

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