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Growing and processing olives and olive oil...

Information about planning, planting, pruning, picking and processing olives and olive oil!

Melbourne Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes

21st to 23rd November 2018 - Tasting the world's best extra virgin olive oils!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes, Madrid, Spain

5th - 7th September, 2018 - Tasting the world's best extra virgin olive oils!

There is something important for everyone involved in the olive oil industry at The Olive Oil Conference to be held in Rosemont near Chicago starting on 18th July.

For tasters, buyers, traders, retailers and consumers there are sessions on practical tasting to increase sales, get to know oils from different regions and get the best value for your money. Presented by Simon Field, founder of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes, Hayley Stevens, North American Tasting Championship 2015 and Eryn Balch, Executive Vice President of the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) these presentations will enhance your confidence.

Everyone will be able to test their tasting skill in the North American Taster’s Challenge and possibly be recognised as the Champion, a member of The Register of Savantes or an Associate Savante.

For producers and all involved in the supply chain the session on Megatrends by leading Spanish producer Rafael Muela of Mueloliva will help plan for the future.

Publicists, salespeople, promoters and everyone else will learn from Patty Lamberti when she talks about using New and Digital Media to get your message into the public domain.

Foodies, food bloggers, chefs and all those in foodservice will love the demonstrations from the eclectic New York chef and restauranteur Suvir Saran and the innovative English chef from Winchester, Olly Rouse.

The incredible range of current and future uses for olive oil will be explored by Rick Cummisford of Columbus Vegetable oils, a must for all those in manufacturing and foodservice. 

And everyone will plan to increase the per capita consumption of olive oil through the concept of The Olive Oil City. A cohesive, targeted and measured activity where all those involved in the olive oil industry will profit from greater consumption. 

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